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A graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève and with fourteen years’ professional experience in Switzerland under his belt, Moha Fedal has become the first chef to reinvent Moroccan cuisine - a challenge he overcomes masterfully thanks to his unfailing creativity and dedication. Dar Moha has quickly risen through the ranks of Morocco’s finest restaurants and Moha now is amongst the most sought after chefs. Next, Chef Moha has set his sights on ensuring Moroccan gastronomy gains recognition as part of the World Cultural Heritage. In pursuit of this goal he has been the ambassador for Moroccan gastronomy through his participation in various international functions and events.

We are delighted to invite you into the world of Moroccan cuisine with the following:
- Books on Morocco’s culinary traditions by Chef Moha.
- Moroccan Gastronomy Recipes.
- Chef’s Tips.
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Dar Moha
Dar Moha
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