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The landing page contains the main items that can be accessed via the website and the services offered by restaurant.

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In this section you will find information about the restaurant, its history and the services it provides.

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On this page the Lunch menu covering all the dishes that can be sampled at the restaurant and their prices.

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This section presents a menu you can select for your dinner at Dar Moha.

About the Chef :

A brief bio of Chef Moha Fedal, his training and achievements, intended to help you gain a better understanding of Moha Fedal’s career as a chef.

Recipe Books :

Chef Moha gives you the chance to delve into the world of Moroccan cookery with the best recipe books to help you recreate traditional and reinvented Moroccan delicacies.

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Here you can browse the full gallery of photos of Dar Moha to get a better feel for the restaurant, the chef and the events we organise.

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This page allows you to contact Dar Moha restaurant by filling in the form and provides details of our address and how to reach the restaurant.

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In this section customers can book a table online by selecting the date and time of arrival.


Frequently asked questions tries to offers information customers may wish to know before coming to Marrakesh or restaurant Dar Moha.

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Il s’agit d’une rubrique qui vise à exposer les aliments et épices utilisés en cuisine Marocaine pour informer l’internaute de leurs origines, vertus etc.

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This page presents the terms of use of the website and legal notices as well as the photo credit.


Dar Moha restaurant welcomes you every day
from 12pm to 11pm
To book a table please call us on
+212(0) 524 38 64 00

For more information see our Bookings page