Dar Moha


A Moroccan restaurant

The Moroccan restaurant Dar Moha was once the Marrakesh residence of Haj Idder, chamberlain of Pasha Glaoui, Lord of the Atlas. This house, adjacent to the Pasha’s Palace, came into the hands of the noted stylist and couturier Pierre Balmain who stayed here on his frequent visits to Marrakesh.

Today this Riad is run by Chef Moha who outdoes himself as a culinary artist while remaining faithful to the task he has set for himself: inviting guests to taste original cuisine where culinary traditions from around the world mingle to release the most unlikely interactions of flavours.

Dar Moha

Deep-rooted History

Riad Dar Moha was once the residence of Haj Idder, chamberlain to Pasha El Glaoui.

For many years, Riad Dar Moha was the home of the renowned stylist Pierre Balmain who was drawn by the unique architecture and sophisticated atmosphere.

Pierre Balmain, famous for the costumes he designed for great actors of theatre and cinema, upheld the image of the active, elegant woman with a touch of whimsy. He is perhaps best known for his signature style ‘Jolie Madame’.

Today, his influence can be felt on Dar Moha Moroccan restaurant in the authenticity of this singular and enchanting riad in Marrakech.

Pierre Balmain

Legendary cuisine

Today, this jewel of Moroccan architecture has become a key attraction for those interested in tasting true Moroccan Gastronomy.

Chef Moha spares not a moment in his efforts to excel as a culinary artist while remaining true to his vocation, which is to present a novel cuisine where cooking traditions from around the world mingle to release tantalising aromas and flavours.

Transforming classic dishes into real culinary innovations remains a starting point for Chef Moha – and it is a challenge he overcomes with passion and poise. At Dar Moha, Moroccan restaurant in Marrakesh you can indulge your taste buds and be transported by an exquisite blend of flavours.

Dar Moha


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